Manage enterprise knowledge – globally across languages

Coreon combines flexible tools for creating, exploring, and maintaining taxonomies with terminology management. Coreon is the most advanced SaaS solution for multilingual knowledge systems.

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Build your Information Infrastructure

Multilingual knowledge systems link knowledge (meaning) with language (words).

Flat vocabularies are enriched with semantic structures. Thesauri, taxonomies are enhanced with more languages.

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Visually Explore Semantic Assets

With Coreon organizations build and explore taxonomies, ontologies, and terminology within one single system, in one view.

Linguistic quality tools keep the data clean and consistent for reliable reuse in various applications.

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Discover Knowledge in Data

Half of big data is unstructured – Coreon turns textual, multilingual information into actionable knowledge.

Benefit from intelligent big data mining. Facilitate cross-border interoperability. Master language.

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15 JUNE 2015

Finding New Business Segments through Big Data

Michael Wetzel, Coreon GmbH and Matthias Heyn, SDL plc look in the recent Q2 2015 GALAxy newsletter at new opportunities for Language Service Providers that arise through the big data revolution.

Michael Wetzel and Matthias Heyn contend that LSPs are in the right place at the right time — they only need the courage to step outside of their “comfort zone” and help clients break down obstacles caused by the new realm of Big Data.

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7 MAY 2015

Riga Summit 2015 - Recorded Presentations Available Online

The summit on the Multilingual Digital Single Market in the beautiful town of Riga took place 27-29 April. It was a big pleasure to attend. Our both talks have been very well received. They have been also recorded and you can view them online:

Being Digital and Multilingual: Europe’s Opportunity for Global Leadership
Jochen Hummel, Chairman, LT-Innovate, CEO Coreon GmbH and ESTeam AB

A Vision of an Interoperable EU
Gudrún Magnúsdóttir, CSO, Coreon GmbH and ESTeam AB

More about the Riga Summit 2015 and also recordings from the other days:

Worth to read: Babelicious - a journalist from the renowned Economist comments on the Riga event.

18 NOV 2014

Three Successful tekom / tcworld Days in Stuttgart

November time, tekom time – the annual tekom / tcworld conference and tradeshow took place again. This time, after many years in Wiesbaden, the event has moved to Stuttgart. And this is a good move! We don't have official tekom numbers at hand, but our impression is that there were more conference visitors, more exhibitors, i.e. generally more activity. Second, and this is from an exhibitor's view absolutely crucial, the exhibition environment was much more pleasant. A way less noisy environment to have efficient discussions with visitors, even daylight exhibition hall etc. the presentation conditions in Stuttgart's ICS conference center are much better.

For Coreon it was the first time with a full three-day exhibition at the tekom – after last year's one day participation in the context of the LT Innovate booth. We shared a booth together with Coreon's partner CrossLang; open to three sides, well located in the foyer.

The show was a success for Coreon. We made many good new contacts, business opportunities and networking relationships. We are very pleased to see that our vision of multilingual concept maps is establishing itself as a topic amongst the many experts present at the event. Conference participants start to see the potential they have in their multilingual resources. The idea to leverage these resources outside of plain translation and documentation processes is taking off. Several visitors passed by at our booth - before tekom not yet aware of Coreon, but who were then referred to us by others: Coreon's value proposition, its brand is getting recognised also in the tekom community.

Looking forward to next year's event!

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