21 OCTOBER 2016

Coreon Exhibits at tekom / tcworld 2016

We exhibit at the tekom / tcworld conference 8-10 November in Stuttgart - Find us in the large hall C2, booth 2/G05 together with our partner company CrossLang.

We are proud to present recent highlights

  • SDL Trados Studio integration: Query Coreon repositories directly from within the CAT solution
  • Conditional Display: rate terms and highlight the preferred ones visually
  • Concept Map Aliases: store a concept once, but position it several times within your concept system – key functionality for manufacturers to mimic componentized product architectures
  • Work in a Branch: Focus and narrow search results to the children of a selected node
  • Full documentary evidence: revision tracking and data history logs – Not only Who and When, but also the "What"

Meet Michael Wetzel, Coreon MD, Tuesday -Thursday.
Jochen Hummel, Coreon CEO, will be at the booth on Tuesday - Wednesday.

Join us a for product demo Tuesday afternoon, 16:15 room C10.1.

18 MARCH 2016

A Concept never Lives alone - DTT Symposion 2016

On 3 - 5 March the 15th DTT Symposion took place in Mannheim. With approximately 160 participants this bi-annual event is probably the largest German speaking conference on terminology. In an exhibition hall several tools and services providers including Coreon presented their offerings. During the three days we've seen a fireworks of arguments why Concept Maps are of benefit. Many presenters confirmed the value of Multilingual Knowledge Systems.

Read Michael Wetzel's complete review of the event on the Multilingual Knowledge blog

18 DECEMBER 2015

Coreon Newsletter Launched

Today, we've launched the Coreon Newsletter. Our company newsletter informs about recent activities, industry events, newest developments and miscellaneous highlights around Coreon and its partner companies.

Read the first edition and, of course, you are welcome to subscribe to never miss an edition.

02 NOVEMBER 2015

Busy Weeks: Tradeshows, Conferences, and even a New Blog!

We are proud to announce the launch of new a blog on Multilingual Knowledge. Its first post “E-Commerce in the Multilingual Digital Single Market” by our CSO Gudrun Magnusdottir has already been viewed by over a hundred people within the first 48 hours! Don’t miss it and sign up for the blogs to come! Follow also the accompanying Twitter account: @Multi_Knowledge, which already found over 70 followers in just a couple of days.

On Thursday 5th of November our CEO Jochen Hummel is speaking about the “Language of Search” at Enterprise Search and Discovery in Washington DC, download his presentation.

On the 10-12th of November at the tekom/tcworld 2015 tradeshow in Stuttgart our Managing Director Michael Wetzel will be meeting you in our booth C1/A05. Our CEO Jochen Hummel will also be attending the event, Wednesday 11th of November.

Looking forward to meeting you!

15 JUNE 2015

Finding New Business Segments through Big Data

Michael Wetzel, Coreon GmbH and Matthias Heyn, SDL plc look in the recent Q2 2015 GALAxy newsletter at new opportunities for Language Service Providers that arise through the big data revolution.

Michael Wetzel and Matthias Heyn contend that LSPs are in the right place at the right time — they only need the courage to step outside of their “comfort zone” and help clients break down obstacles caused by the new realm of Big Data.

Read the complete article

7 MAY 2015

Riga Summit 2015 - Recorded Presentations Available Online

The summit on the Multilingual Digital Single Market in the beautiful town of Riga took place 27-29 April. It was a big pleasure to attend. Our both talks have been very well received. They have been also recorded and you can view them online:

Being Digital and Multilingual: Europe’s Opportunity for Global Leadership
Jochen Hummel, Chairman, LT-Innovate, CEO Coreon GmbH and ESTeam AB

A Vision of an Interoperable EU
Gudrún Magnúsdóttir, CSO, Coreon GmbH and ESTeam AB

More about the Riga Summit 2015 and also recordings from the other days:

Worth to read: Babelicious - a journalist from the renowned Economist comments on the Riga event.

18 NOV 2014

Three Successful tekom / tcworld Days in Stuttgart

November time, tekom time – the annual tekom / tcworld conference and tradeshow took place again. This time, after many years in Wiesbaden, the event has moved to Stuttgart. And this is a good move! We don't have official tekom numbers at hand, but our impression is that there were more conference visitors, more exhibitors, i.e. generally more activity. Second, and this is from an exhibitor's view absolutely crucial, the exhibition environment was much more pleasant. A way less noisy environment to have efficient discussions with visitors, even daylight exhibition hall etc. the presentation conditions in Stuttgart's ICS conference center are much better.

For Coreon it was the first time with a full three-day exhibition at the tekom – after last year's one day participation in the context of the LT Innovate booth. We shared a booth together with Coreon's partner CrossLang; open to three sides, well located in the foyer.

The show was a success for Coreon. We made many good new contacts, business opportunities and networking relationships. We are very pleased to see that our vision of multilingual concept maps is establishing itself as a topic amongst the many experts present at the event. Conference participants start to see the potential they have in their multilingual resources. The idea to leverage these resources outside of plain translation and documentation processes is taking off. Several visitors passed by at our booth - before tekom not yet aware of Coreon, but who were then referred to us by others: Coreon's value proposition, its brand is getting recognised also in the tekom community.

Looking forward to next year's event!

30 OCT 2014

Coreon at tekom / tcworld Conference 11-13 November 2014

Want to know more about MKS – multilingual knowledge systems, and how an existing terminology resource can be leveraged outside of documentation and translation processes, namely in Enterprise Search, Multilingual Text Analytics, Auto-Categorization etc. ?

Coreon is exhibiting at the tekom / tcworld show in Stuttgart , together with our partner CrossLang – experts in consulting and integrating language technologies.

Discover most recent developments: a completely revised Search and Lookup engine, which ensures very accurate results also for large repositories or Coreon's repository templates – blueprint-like editing of records to guarantee consistency and efficient data changes. Michael Wetzel, Managing Director of Coreon, welcomes you at our booth FOY/F21.

11 JULY 2014

Inspiring Conference on Ontology, Terminology and Text Mining

The TKE 2014 Conference took place 19-21 June in Berlin. Coreon had the pleasure to co-host and organize this year's international conference on terminology and knowledge engineering. ~70 participants from all around the world attended two parallel tracks in the main conference. Each day started with a keynote speak – on Thursday, it was Khurshid Ahmad from the Trinity College Dublin, followed on Friday by Kyo Kageura, from the University of Tokyo.

Everyone was very impressed by the brilliant equipment and conference room facilities at DIN – the German Institute for Standardization – where the event took place. Thursday evening we all enjoyed a nice get together and conference dinner at the stylish restaurant 3 Schwestern, in Berlin-Kreuzberg's historic Bethanienhaus. The conference was complemented on Saturday by a workshop on ISO language codes. Almost all presentation slides are now available on the conference page as well as the conference proceedings.

Dive a bit into the atmosphere of the conference – we published some photos taken during the event.

21 MAY 2014

LREC 2014 - Session on Lexicon and Ontologies

The Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC) takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland from 26-31 May 2014. The certainly largest conference on language resources hosts again hundreds of presentations and poster sessions. Both Coreon CEO Jochen Hummel and Coreon CSO Gudrun Magnusdottir will be there.

Gudrun hosts session "O40" on Lexicon and Ontologies, Friday 30th May, 9:45. In this session, amongst others, we look particularly forward to the talk by N. Chrizman and A. Itai on "How to construct a multi-lingual domain ontology"!

Some further, selected picks from the many many presentations:

  • Wed, 28: 10:30 Introductory Session: Language Resource in the Data Economy
  • Wed, 28: 15:05 O8 Acquisition: Evaluation of Automatic Hypernym Extraction from Technical Corpora in English and Dutch
  • Wed, 28: 18:50 O13 Sentiment Analysis (1): On the Importance of Text Analysis for Stock Price Prediction
  • Thu, 29: 9:00: Keynote by Hassan Sawaf: Language Technology for Commerce, the eBay Way
  • Thu, 29: 18:20 O33 Linked Data and Semantic Web: TMO – the Federated Ontology of the Trendminer Project

From the many poster sessions:

  • Thu, 29: 16:55 P43 on Semantics
  • Fri, 30: 14:55 P65 on Multiword Expressions

And, not to forget, on Friday 30, the gala dinner at the famous Blue Lagoon!

22 JAN 2014

Presentation at DTT 2014: Multilingual Taxonomies with Coreon

Michael Wetzel, Managing Director of Coreon GmbH, presents latest Coreon developments at the DTT Symposion 2014 (Deutscher Terminologietag). This bi-annual event takes place this year in Mannheim, 27-29 March.

Michael outlines how Coreon unifies knowledge management approaches with terminology management. During a live demo the conference participants will discover the very visual approach of Coreon, and how concept maps introduce semantic information into terminological resources.

Join Michael on Friday, 28th of March at 2pm at the Dorint Hotel, Mannheim: "Multilinguale Taxonomien mit Coreon - Wissens- und Sprachmanagement in einer Lösung"

12 NOV 2013

How to Improve Quality in Terminology Resources, 7 Feb 2014 in Lille, France

Michael Wetzel, Coreon MD, discusses quality improvement approaches at this workshop in Lille. For many years we are now collecting terminology resources and storing them in database systems. Now, the terminology world sees large repositories, often covering many languages. But, with the data growth we also often recognise that the quality fails to keep up. Termbase maintainers have difficulties to control the content, are faced with inconsistencies, redundancies and varying quality. Users hesitate to rely on them when writing or translating texts, the acceptance is lost.

Recent developments make it now possible to automatically measure, improve and guarantee an enduring high quality of such resources. Further, by introducing taxonomical methods users add structure and regain control over large collections of terms. Thus the resource remains always valuable and reliable.

08 NOV 2013

Coreon organises TKE 2014

Coreon is proud to be the local organiser of the 11th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE). It will take place from 19-21 June 2014 in Berlin. The key topics this time will focus on Ontology, Terminology & Text Mining.

See for more information. The Call for Papers has already started.

30 OCT 2013

Coreon CEO Jochen Hummel speaks at the tekom/tcworld conference

His talk focuses on how Coreon helps to do more with terminological resources, how to bridge the gap between the language and the knowledge management world. As the semantic bridge between different systems, organizations, and cultures, meaning-elevated terminological resources are the key tool when striving for knowledge management, interoperability, intelligent big data analytics, and language control. Such multilingual knowledge databases leverage existing terminology resources to enable cross-lingual data analysis via smarter semantic search. In contrast to only static archives of knowledge pieces, enterprises can facilitate processing of all their knowledge which cannot be put into rows and columns.

Listen to Jochen Wednesday 6th November, 8:45, room 2C.
Meet us afterwards at the LTInnovate booth in hall 4.

18 OCT 2013

Discover Coreon at tekom/tcworld 2013

Coreon, together with ESTeam, is demoing its latest product developments at the tekom/tcworld conference in Wiesbaden, from 6-8 November. See live how taxonomy methods and terminology management are coming together.

Meet Jochen Hummel and Michael Wetzel together with other highly innovative language technology companies at the LT Innovate booth in hall 4, booth 442 (right opposite to the Tool Presentations area).

02 SEP 2013

Coreon Beta has Started

We are very excited to announce that Coreon has entered the beta phase. Companies and organizations can now discover new, very visual ways to manage multilingual taxonomies, classifications, nomenclatures. Coreon elevates terminology databases with meaning, so that your resource is no longer a simple list of terms in translation or search but it becomes a valuable knowledge treasure. Contact us and sign up.

22 AUG 2013

Coreon Beta Begins: Discover Visual Ways to Manage Multilingual Taxonomies

Coreon enters beta phase on 2nd September 2013. Interested companies and organizations are welcome to contact us and join the beta phase.

The beta phase is to ensure that early adopters get a peek preview as well as being able to influence the last stages before release of Coreon v1. All constructive feedback will be duly noted and taken into account in our development.

9 AUG 2013

Autumn Events

The autumn is approaching, conferences and exhibitions are on the horizon. Coreon and its partner company ESTeam will be on several events, outlining what Coreon’s multilingual knowledge base is, how it addresses challenges around interoperability and how large, multilingual language resources create value. In early September we will be at the i-know conference in Graz, Austria. I-know, together with i-semantics, is one of the most important conferences around knowledge management and semantic technologies.

Mid-September, the META Forum 2013 takes place in Berlin, Germany. The forum is an international meeting, exhibition and networking event for everyone working on powerful language technologies for the multilingual information society, the data value chain and the information market place. This year’s focus is on Big Data Text Analytics and Multilingual Web Services for Multilingual Europe.

Early November, the tekom / tcworld conference and trade show brings several thousand attendees to Wiesbaden, Germany. This is the largest global event and market place for technical communication.