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20 DEC 2016

Enterprise Taxonomies also for Europe

It is a quite established method in the US to structure enterprise data with taxonomies. American executives understand this is the only way to tame the data flood and to manage information. No surprise that Gartner has put enterprise taxonomies on the radar screen of key technologies. Strangely enough European companies still make little use of this powerful tool. The reason is the added complexity of the language dimension. But not anymore. Multilingual Knowledge Systems bring the power of taxonomies also to the European enterprise. We wish you Happy Holidays and a successful 2017! Your Coreon team

10 AUG 2016

Global Efficiency with Coreon

Your colleagues who create and translate content possess a lot of resources in many languages. Add a knowledge structure to these valuable resources and you get a Multilingual Knowledge System. This helps the content experts to do a better and faster job. More importantly, though, this multilingual knowledge is now also used to innovate key enterprise processes. Coreon is not only an efficiency tool but an important revenue enabler.

13 MAY 2016

MKS for an Interoperable Europe

We take many advantages of countries interoperating for granted: easy travel, inexpensive foreign goods, or studying and working abroad. But the EU has often made the second step before the first one. We have introduced a common currency without making our banking interoperable. We have removed border controls although our social and security systems hardly interact. Cross-border Interoperability is difficult and requires much more than translation. Multilingual Knowledge Systems are the semantic basis for international collaboration.

24 FEB 2016

Be Cross-border with Coreon

You surely have heard that creating a “Digital Single Market” is a key initiative of the Junker Commission. Multilingual Knowledge Systems like Coreon are a core component to make this vision come true. Companies who understand their customers in many languages will enjoy cross-border growth and profits. Cross-language interoperability enables the European Union to overcome country fragmentation and become the fittest for the global market. Read below how MKS can also help your organization to better serve your European and global customers.

18 DEC 2015

Coreon Multilingual Knowledge Systems

Coreon is the most advanced SaaS solution for multilingual knowledge systems. Coreon is used by leading enterprises for global efficiency, by public institutions to achieve interoperability, and by e-commerce to drive cross-border revenues.