Achieving goals via common understanding - Based on that vision DieEinheit® advises enterprises and delivers needs-oriented solutions for project communication, internal communication and change management. DieEinheit® accompanies complex processes starting with setting the strategic approach for communication up to the implementation and development of communication materials. Based on agile methods, all measures are customised to the individual needs of the target audience (User Centered Communication) and are deployed following the principles of Lean Communication.


The mission of ESTeam is to achieve data interoperability through semantic information infrastructures and multilingual search. ESTeam has 20+ years of experience in dealing with information including building and applying Language Technology software. ESTeam was and continues to be the lead supplier for the EU’s pioneer interoperability project at the EUIPO. ESTeam is actively involved in ground breaking innovation projects within the area of language technology, knowledge management, and multilingual Big Data challenges. All this makes ESTeam an essential supplier of a backbone for advanced smart data solutions by combining multilingual processing with a semantic information infrastructure.