We are Coreon.

Proven Solution

Coreon is a knowledge system that enables humans to model, manage, and visualize knowledge in data streams and objects. Coreon provides a SaaS solution for governments, industry and commerce to connect their data across applications, domains, and languages.

Coreon allows machine learning and text analytics to cross borders. Coreon empowers online shoppers to search for things instead of strings. Coreon enables government agency to interact smoothly with citizens and other institutions. Coreon ensures that IoT devices understand each other.

Coreon guarantees semantic interoperability!


Experienced Team

Coreon GmbH is based in Berlin and Athens. Coreon is a management owned company, driven by an innovate vision and a committed team.

Jochen Hummel, CEO

Jochen is co-founder and CEO of Coreon GmbH. Since 2010 he is also CEO of ESTeam AB www.esteam.se . He is also the honorary chairman of LT-Innovate, the Forum for the Language Technology Industry. He is a well-known, internationally established software executive and serial entrepreneur.

He grew his first company, TRADOS, to the world leader in translation memory and terminology software. In 2006 he founded and was CEO of Metaversum, the inventor of the online social virtual world Twinity.

His role is to build a global company, drive innovation, ensure operational excellence, and to work with his huge international business network.

Michael Wetzel, Managing Director

Michael is co-founder of Coreon GmbH and Managing Director. He also holds the position of Senior Product Manager in ESTeam AB since 2011.

He is well known in the terminology community as the product manager of TRADOS/SDL MultiTerm. His focus is on merging concept-oriented terminology management, taxonomy and ontology products. As a member of the LISA/OSCAR standardization consortium Michael contributed to the TBX and OLIF standards.

He focuses on everything product by leveraging his long term experience in team and product management, standardization, and problem solving.

Gudrun Magnusdóttir, CMO

Gudrun is co-founder of Coreon GmbH and a Chief Strategy Officer. She founded ESTeam AB in 1995 and is also Chairperson and CSO of that company.

She founded her first Language Technology company while still at university and has decades of experience in innovating and designing language technology / Artificial Intelligence software for different type of enterprise use together with ESTeam’s and Coreon’s technical teams.

She brings the team a passionately innovative and strategic mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and a long term experience in marketing to global corporates, organisations and institutions.

Lambros Kranias, VP Language Technology

Lambros is co-founder of Coreon GmbH and VP of Language Technology. He is co-founder of ESTeam AB and CTO of that company.

He has a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on statistical models for natural languages processing. Lambros’ competences are in translation and language technology software design, analyzing technical and textual requirements, system design and implementation.

He brings the team decades of experience in team management, implementation, and development of beyond state of the art software.