Meet us

30 - 30 MAR 2023 (10 am - 5 pm)

LangOps Pioneers

The twelve principles of LangOps have drawn quite some attention. Is LangOps only a new buzzword or does it move language from the fringes to the center of enterprises data processing? For us LangOps is a success strategy for customer-caring enterprises and a career path for aspiring language professionals. LangOps is not just about technology. It’s a set of philosophies, practices, and tools that increase a company’s ability to communicate with its global customer base. Therefore, LangOps Pioneers get together on March 30 in Berlin’s stunning AXICA Sky Lobby to continue their work on the LangOps Manifesto and to shape the future of multilingual AI. In an unconference style the pioneers give their interpretation of LangOps in elevator pitches, share their thoughts about the future of LangOps, and provide concrete use cases and experiences deploying LangOps.