Bringing Knowledge and Language Management together

Coreon bridges today's gap between the language and the knowledge world. Instead of managing terminology databases and taxonomies separately, you will now touch one combined resource. Enjoy this mutual benefit and unify multilingual taxonomies and terminologies in a highly efficient, collaborative and visual way to globally express enterprise knowledge.

Achieve Interoperability

As the semantic bridge between different systems, organizations and cultures, Coreon multilingual knowledge databases are your essential map when striving for interoperability, intelligent big data analytics, and language control. Designed to particularly cater for inter-institutional and inter-departmental needs, it enables maintaining knowledge infrastructure in multiple languages.

Global Discovery through Knowledge from a Multilingual Haystack

Coreon taxonomy brings meaning to haystacks of large term collections. With a taxonomy, you elevate your terminological data, nomenclatures and classification systems. They are now also catering for multilingualism, synonymy and express relational meanings, like: ‘car’ IS-A ‘product’ IS-A ‘income’ ... to your company. Such a knowledge database is deployable globally and a benefit to everyone. It helps to eliminate misunderstandings, supports expert-laymen communication, takes care of different language registers and cultures, and enables cross- border interoperability.