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You surely have heard that creating a “Digital Single Market” is a key initiative of the Junker Commission. Multilingual Knowledge Systems like Coreon are a core component to make this vision come true. Companies who understand their customers in many languages will enjoy cross-border growth and profits. Cross-language interoperability enables the European Union to overcome country fragmentation and become the fittest for the global market. Read below how MKS can also help your organization to better serve your European and global customers.
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Finding Products Cross-language

Coreon enables customers to search product catalogues semantically and cross-language. Advanced Linguistic Search on top of a Multilingual Knowledge System searches also in product tests, consumer feedback, or product blogs; content which is always multilingual. Coreon tunes machine translation so that many companies don’t have to translate their product catalogues anymore

Coreon CEO Jochen Hummel about Search

Coreon at NATO Headquarters

Last November 150 experts from all across the world attended the NATO Terminology Conference. The event took place at the campus of the NATO headquarters in Brussels, hosted by the NATO Standardization Office (NSO).
This was an impressive event! We've never attended a terminology conference before where throughout the sessions the benefits of concept structures and multilingual concept maps were constantly emphasized: "… only through the concept map did I understand what terminology is about".

More impressions from this event on the Multilingual Knowledge blog.

Impressions from the NATO Terminology Conference

New Feature:
Conditional Display

shortcut or hotkey, Führerschein or Fahrerlaubnis ...?
A key objective of terminology work is to distinguish the good from the bad terms. Very intuitively Coreon now visually highlights the good ones, puts them on top of the view and tones down the undesired ones.
The applied rating rules are even customisable: Administrators are not limited to only three pre-set metadata values (such as 'preferred', 'alternative', or  'forbidden'), but the rules can be applied flexibly to any set of custom picklist values.
More about Conditional Display and Custom Metadata

Eurovoc: Knowledge + Language

Winter months, skiing season, busy ski runs in Austria! Can you enumerate Austria's regions? Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria ... what else?
A simple termbase would fail. It would only state the other languages for a selected region, here in German Tirol, Salzburg, Steiermark ... but it would not easily respond to our question.
Whereas an MKS, such as the EU's thesaurus Eurovoc, tells you at a glance: 1) Styria is a region in Austria, 2) there are overall nine regions in Austria, and 3) of course, how they are called in all EU languages.
Browse the Eurovoc thesaurus