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We take many advantages of countries interoperating for granted: easy travel, inexpensive foreign goods, or studying and working abroad. But the EU has often made the second step before the first one. We have introduced a common currency without making our banking interoperable. We have removed border controls although our social and security systems hardly interact. Cross-border Interoperability is difficult and requires much more than translation. Multilingual Knowledge Systems are the semantic basis for international collaboration.
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Cross-border Interoperability

Library science such as classification systems, taxonomy hierarchies, and thesauri are the core for reuse of textual data. When these knowledge resources are multilingual they become a Multilingual Knowledge System which provides cross-border data processing. Actually MKS's are the only possible path to achieve cross-border interoperability. They retrieve the needle in the haystack - in all languages. They make it possible to pinpoint the units sought for while linking to all information related to that unit.

Shortcuts to cross-border interoperability

Coreon at DTT

Early March the 15th DTT Symposion took place in Mannheim, Germany. With approximately 160 participants this bi-annual event is probably the largest German speaking conference on terminology.
And there was a significant focus on Concept Maps this year. Systematic terminology work via concept systems is now an established theme of the DTT. Many presenters support the Coreon approach and confirm the value of Multilingual Knowledge Systems.

More impressions from this event on the Multilingual Knowledge blog.

Impressions from the DTT Conference

Browsing through many Siblings

Divide and Conquer! - Through concept maps users keep control over large amounts of data. Parent-child relationships between concepts enable users to explore data from general to specific. Yet, in some situations or when working explicitly with semantically less structured data, even several hundreds of nodes may be attached to one and the same parent. Now, it wouldn't be very user friendly to render all these nodes at the same time on screen. To cater for such situations, Coreon now "paginates" in bunches of ten concepts through large amounts of sibling nodes. Thus, the displayed information in the Concept Map remains always clearly arranged.

Scrolling through many Siblings

Coreon Achieves "A+ Rating" in Security Test

Coreon's Cloud offering relieves users and administrators from tedious administrative tasks (backups, software and patch deployment etc.). All Coreon data resides safely in German data centers. Our system administration team is pleased to inform that Coreon again rates brilliantly in security tests.
In April we've verified again our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security via Quality SSL Labs – and we scored even with an "A+" Rating. We couldn't resist and tried also some other cloud based LT offerings and were surprised that amongst other problems even the year old Heartbleed bug was not yet addressed by major vendors. Click below if you want to assess your providers.

Verify yourself SSL security status on - Coreon scores with a brilliant "A+"