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Your colleagues who create and translate content possess a lot of resources in many languages. Add a knowledge structure to these valuable resources and you get a Multilingual Knowledge System. This helps the content experts to do a better and faster job. More importantly, though, this multilingual knowledge is now also used to innovate key enterprise processes. Coreon is not only an efficiency tool but an important revenue enabler.
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Coreon Deployed to Deliver Quality Assurance to the EUIPO

Coreon is used to support the quality control of the world’s largest intellectual property terminology asset: TMClass. This Multilingual Knowledge System allows to search for and to classify Goods and Services terms needed to apply for trade mark protection.
In the recent win by the consortium TextMinded and ESTeam, Coreon plays a central role to support the linguistic experts ensuring that terms entered are correctly positioned in the taxonomy and avoiding duplicates. A team of linguistic quality control experts has been formed for global support of terminology assets and we are looking forward to many more challenges in the near future.

EUIPO Awards EUR 14.5m Contract to TextMinded and ESTeam

Semantic Filtering: Work in a Branch

Divide and Conquer! Coreon's concept maps organise large amount of concepts into sections and subsections, from general to specific to more specific.
Now, we've recently introduced Work in a Branch! When searching and browsing the data, you would pick a narrower concept somewhere located in the map, and make that the starting point of your search. Only terms and concepts within this selected branch are then chosen. Thus concepts from areas and sections that are not relevant in a given situation are fully excluded.
Even better, you may choose more than one branch at the same time: Enjoy a focused working mode via a "semantic" filter.

Try: Select a branch via the icon on the top right

Multilingual Knowledge for Global Companies

In internationally operating companies any process involving customers requires multilingual knowledge. SEO/SEM, product search, feedback moderation, customer support, spare parts, training, and many other key activities require direct access to the company’s knowledge in many languages. Without a Multilingual Knowledge System this is very slow, tedious, and expensive. On a global scale this inefficiency kills margins and results in deals lost against local or smarter competition.
We have shown in several use cases how a Multilingual Knowledge System can innovate whole business processes. To make it easier for global companies to leverage that experience we have published solution architectures for each specific use case. These templates nicely illustrate the players, components, the data flow and the role of the Multilingual Knowledge System:

Centuple your Market with Language-neutral Product Search

Coreon at the Terminology Summer School

Summer time, summer schools!
This annual five day event is a round-trip through best practices, business and legal views, standards and peripheral aspects of terminology work. The TSS 2016 was:
  • International ... with participants from all across the globe,
  • Fundamental ... with lessons spanning many aspects from the very basics up to sophisticated challenges
  • Valuable ... by focusing also a lot on the business value of terminology and concept systems, and
  • Practical ... with many presentations not only from the trainers but also from the participants themselves who shared insights into their workflows.
More impressions from this event on the Multilingual Knowledge blog.
Impressions from the TSS 2016