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No consumer reads product manual anymore to fix a problem. We rather search for solutions other users have found and written about, in our language. For buying decisions we rely on customer feedbacks from our market. Instead of broadcasting their content, well run companies now interact directly with their customers, in all languages of the markets they target. The world’s leading companies, though, also exploit the knowledge which global customers happily share with everybody who’s willing and capable to listen. Multilingual knowledge management has thus become one of the most important techniques to stay ahead of global challengers. And it is at the same time a great opportunity for service providers who know how to manage multilingual data.

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Finding New Business Segments

Language Service providers and Consultants should look at new opportunities to expand their services expansion in response to the widening impact of Big Data, AI, and IoT. Michael Wetzel and Matthias Heyn contended that LSPs are in the right place at the right time — they only need the courage to step outside of their “comfort zone” and help clients break down language obstacles

The Internet of Things needs Semantics

Upcoming Events, Conferences, Trade Shows

Newsletters and blog articles have to be short. Learn more about how multilingual knowledge becomes a key enterprise information asset and meet us at the events below or simply contact us through

22-24 March 2018:
DTT Symposion
Coreon is again an exhibitor at the bi-annual meeting of terminology experts. We very welcome the selected presentations: many tackle the benefits of multilingual concept maps.

23-27 April 2018:
MKS play a huge role in Industry 4.0 processes and the Internet of Things. Meet us at the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology.

We'd be pleased to meet you in person there!

Upcoming Events, Tradeshows, Conferences

Textual Expressiveness - Inline Formatting

Did you know that Coreon supports text formatting?
To foster the textual expressiveness to describe concepts and terms, text properties (such as Definition, Notes, Examples etc.) can be marked up with formatting switches, such as bold or italics, sub- and superscript, as well as bulleted and numbered lists.

Even for terms we support sub- and superscript, thus to properly render formula names (H2O molecule) as well as trademark signs.

Rich textual markup

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We want to work with innovative companies who want to discover and exploit the value of linguistic assets. Multilingual Knowledge Management is a prerequisite for today’s biggest innovations, Machine Learning and Internet of Things! With your domain knowledge, our process know-how, and Coreon we are important players for these lucrative projects.
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