That I announce the end of lifecycle for Computer Assisted Translation sounds peculiar as I am still called “Mr. Trados”. For years I have suggested to change the underlying data model. Now it seems that recent advances in Artificial Intelligence could make the whole product category obsolete. However, to integrate Neural Machine Translation in a professional translations workflow is everything but trivial. Key is to capture your multilingual knowledge and put it at work. Coreon is a crucial component in the translation workflow of the future.

Frohe Weihnachten and all the best for 2019,
Jochen Hummel & the Coreon Team

Read Coreon CEO's blog post on Sunsetting CAT

Sunsetting CAT

For decades Computer Assisted Translation based on translation memories has been the standard tool for going global. Although CAT had been originally designed with a mid-90s PC in mind and there have been proposals for changing the underlying data model, the basic architecture of CAT has been left unchanged. The dramatic advances in Neural Machine Translation (NMT) have now made the whole product category obsolete.

An MKS can answer the two key questions for using NMT in a professional translation workflow:
a) which parts of the translated text are not fit-for-purpose and
b) why not.

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Semantic Interoperability Solutions

Jochen Hummel was invited to speak at the 1st CEF eTranslation Conference about the benefits and ROI of Multilingual Knowledge Systems (MKS). Semantic Interoperability is defined by the EU as “the precise meaning of exchanged information is understood by all stakeholders and preserved throughout exchanges.” In many projects one of these stakeholders are actually us, the citizens of the EU, of which half only speak one of the 24 official languages. Coreon’s CEO showed how to create and maintain an MKS and how this investment pays back many times.


2018 was an incredibly feature driven year. We've delivered Filtering, Breadcrumbs, the "rich" Termlist, a Feedback function, reworked Repository Selector page with tiles, and several more. One of the most visual highlights is certainly the introduction of the Concept Card. Since this is so visual and interactive we thought a little demo video illustrates this way better than many words. Have a look at our Youtube channel.


P.S. ... upon writing of this newsletter, we are finalising our development activities for "Single Sign On", to support large user groups in enterprises ... more on that in the next edition of the Coreon News.

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