berns language consulting (blc)

berns language consulting (blc) is an independent consulting firm based in Düsseldorf, Germany. For 15 years we have been helping our customers to use the best language technology the market has to offer. Our blc team consists of trained terminologists, computer linguists and language process experts. We advise on the efficient use of terminology, ontologies and knowledge networks, train machine translation systems and introduce terminology and translation management tools. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can handle the ever-growing volume of text effortlessly through efficient processes. Correct maintenance and automatic processing of the language data, e.g. with machine translation, play an important role in this.


Achieving goals via common understanding - Based on that vision DieEinheit® advises enterprises and delivers needs-oriented solutions for project communication, internal communication and change management. DieEinheit® accompanies complex processes starting with setting the strategic approach for communication up to the implementation and development of communication materials. Based on agile methods, all measures are customised to the individual needs of the target audience (User Centered Communication) and are deployed following the principles of Lean Communication.


The mission of ESTeam is to achieve data interoperability through semantic information infrastructures and multilingual search. ESTeam has 20+ years of experience in dealing with information including building and applying Language Technology software. ESTeam was and continues to be the lead supplier for the EU’s pioneer interoperability project at the EUIPO. ESTeam is actively involved in ground breaking innovation projects within the area of language technology, knowledge management, and multilingual Big Data challenges. All this makes ESTeam an essential supplier of a backbone for advanced smart data solutions by combining multilingual processing with a semantic information infrastructure.

Language Box

Language Box is the first professional and independent consultancy company for the procurement of language services and the optimization of linguistic processes. Language Box assists clients in the execution of successful and sustainable linguistic processes summarized in the following core services: Process Optimization, Quality Enhancement, Cost Minimization, Knowledge Transfer. Also, Language Box offers placement services of LSP (both translation agencies and freelance translators). Language Box stands for best practice solutions tailored to the client's company, for independence and sustainability as well as for transparent and fair collaborations

Using language technology solutions, service providers and freelance translators try to make a difference and win more projects. At the same time their customers - globally focussed companies and organisations try to reach faster time-to-market cycles and cut translation costs. provides implementation and consulting services to all stake holders in the language industry - companies as well as service providers and freelance translators in order to help with a smooth start into or improving existing CAT driven processes


Semantix is the largest Nordic supplier of translation and interpretation services, and can call upon almost 50 years of experience in the language industry. Its client base includes many within the public sector, as well as both large and small enterprises within a variety of private business verticals. Semantix has a turnover of approximately EUR 100 million, and operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The group runs offices in Sweden, China, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Norway. Semantix is majority owned by the private equity fund Segulah V L.P.


Semiox breaks ground with a workflow based on automated translation and human revision. Semiox makes today’s CAT tools, localization workflows, and business models obsolete, optimizing the role of linguists, subject matter experts, and machines. It is fast, consistent, and delivers the best value for your budget.