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Develop and Discover Multilingual Semantic Structures.

Taxonomies, thesauri, classifications, nomenclatures – in Coreon you manage such semantic structures in a very intuitive, most visual way. Through its concept-oriented approach it inherently supports multilingual views – you manage only one semantic structure while covering all languages.

In Coreon the semantic expressiveness goes beyond simple broader-narrower relations: Distinguish how concepts are related to their parent concepts. Make evident that one children concept has a 'generic' broader relation whereas another concept has an 'is-part-of' or an 'is-instance-of' broader relation. Group concepts into sections to keep control over larger maps.

Multilingual Concept Map

Explore and navigate inter-concept relations in a structured map

Navigate up and down
Most Visual Design
Benefit from multiple inheritance

Navigate up and down

Navigate the broader/narrower relations as well as along any type of associative, see-also links.

Toggle the orientation

Toggle from top-down to left-right to accommodate the layout of your structures – they may be rather flat or rather deep.

Benefit from multiple inheritance

“File” a node under multiple parent nodes to appropriately reflect its semantic conditions. Coreon maps are rendered like a tree, but technically they are even powerful graphs.

Breadcrumbs: Always know where you are
Bundle concepts into groups
Aliases: Reuse a concept at distinct places, even in the same map
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European Union's multilingual thesaurus

EUROVOC is the European Union’s multilingual thesaurus. It has been converted from SKOS/rdf. This data set is highly multilingual, covering 20+ languages.

The data is caracterised by a very structured, levelled approach. Upper levels contain classificatory numbers (/ 36 science / 3611 humanities …). Through Coreon’s multilingual concept map approach the data is explorable in any of the available languages. For instance, switch to Spanish as source language and see immediately how the concept map is rendered in Spanish.