Customers complain about not finding the products on eCommerce websites. Do they have to call to find the correct product? Or do they even rather shop somewhere else?

The problem is that customers today need to know the name of a product item in order to find it! The search technology of most eCommerce sites uses simplistic search methods to find a search string in the product catalogue. A little variation, a synonym, a related term, quickly result in a frustrating “nothing found”. Alternative ways of navigation like menus, categories, search lists, etc. produce many clicks and tiring paging. An eCommerce site with bad search inevitably leads to dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.

Global businesses solve this problem by replacing their Search engine with an Advanced Linguistic Search deploying a Multilingual Knowledge System as a backbone. Advanced Linguistic Search caters for language variation and the MKS covers all required languages and expands to broader and narrower meanings. No matter what language, what keywords, what spelling – using Advanced Linguistic Search combined with an MKS the customer will always find the desired products. Consider the online shop of a producer for kitchen equipment: MKS Search finds other languages (tea cooker, Teekocher, bouilloire électrique), synonyms (kettle), variants in labeling (Kocher für Tee), more general (kitchenware) or more specific products (Alessi 9093 Wasserkessel).

By deploying MKS Search the manufacturers enjoy a significant growth in online business. Particularly orders from outside of the “home country” increase significantly.

The companies' competitiveness is strengthened due to an increased top line in global business, happier customers find what they are looking for and an improved bottom line due to less support requirements and less costly phone orders.

Key Benefits for eCommerce

Revenue growth due to successful searches in product catalogues.
Repeat business and referrals from happy customers.
Increased profitability because of fewer manual transactions.