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Coreon Wins €16m EU Semantic Web Consulting Contract

The framework contract Semantic Web Consultancy and Support …

The framework contract Semantic Web Consultancy and Support (procurement OP/LUX/2021/OP/0006) for the Publications Office of the European Union, at a value of 16 Million Euro, was won by a consortium of Infeurope S.A., INTRASOFT International S.A., Cognizone BV, and Coreon GmbH. The consortium compiles vast knowledge and experience in providing software and services in AI, NLP, data and semantic technologies. The consortium members have already worked together in several projects.

The main tasks concern the elaboration of studies, technical specifications, and prototypes for the improvement of the current implementation and configuration of Ceres, CELLAR, and other systems using semantic technology. In addition, it is foreseen that the consortium provides technical assistance for the preparation and the execution of tests demonstrating that developed systems conform to technical specifications including the production of test reports and data curation.

Semantic data assets are deployed to improve operations, especially when it comes to supporting users with information needs across languages and domains. The rich multilingual knowledge resources of the Publication Office and the European Commission, namely EuroVoc combined with IATE, will underpin such efforts nicely.