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Multilingual Knowledge Graph

Develop and Discover Semantic Structures.

Taxonomies, thesauri, classifications, nomenclatures, ontologies – in Coreon you manage such semantic structures in a very intuitive, most visual way. Through its concept-oriented approach it inherently supports multilingual views – you manage only one knowledge graph while covering all languages.

In Coreon the semantic expressiveness goes beyond simple broader-narrower relations: Distinguish how concepts are related to their parent concepts. Make evident that one children concept has a ‘generic’ broader relation whereas another concept has an ‘is-part-of’ or an ‘is-instance-of’ broader relation. Group concepts into sections to keep control over larger maps.

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VIsual Experience

Language Agnostic

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Navigate the broader/narrower relations as well as along any type of associative, see-also links.

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Toggle the orientation

Toggle from top-down to left-right to accommodate the layout of your structures – they may be rather flat or rather deep.

Useful in Daily Life:

  • Breadcrumbs: Know where you are in the hierarchy of nodes in the graph.
  • Group concepts and branches: Structure large graphs and concept systems into sections and subsections
  • Aliases: Reuse a concept at distinct places, even in the same visualised map.

Multiple Inheritance

“File” a node under multiple parent nodes to appropriately reflect its semantic facts. Coreon maps are rendered like a tree, but technically they are even powerful graphs.

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