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Multilingual Knowledge Portal

Deploy in Multi-National Organizations and Enterprises

Overcome tedious software installations, patches and configurations but enjoy always up-to-date software upon login – throughout your organization, with all your partners, suppliers and associated institutions.

Forget clumsy plug-ins. You access the solution as a light-weight plug-in free web application with any recent browser, such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox.

SSO login

Global Reach

Single Sign-On

Facilitate an easy yet trusted access for your whole organization with SSO via the SAML2 standard. Free your users from remembering specific passwords, rather enable them to use their normal intranet logins when browsing the Multilingual Knowledge System.

themes variation

Corporate Identity

Themes = Familiarity

Make the users of your whole enterprise enjoy a familiar look and feel. Make the UI of compliant to your Corporate Identity (CI) guidelines, adapt colors, or fonts via a custom theme.

Simplified UI for non-Power Users

Adapt the appearance of the application by setting defaults for the look and feel of the UI, and languages. Hide selected properties, provide default filters etc.

Encourage Feedback

Do not leave your users alone when they consider a change request, such as to include a missing concept or to correct a spelling error. Users can simply send feedback to your maintenance team via Coreon’s Feedback workflow.