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Custom Configuration and Metadata

Optimise to Your Organisation’s Needs.

Coreon’s database is schema-less thus caters flexibly for the meta data requirements of your domain, your organisation. Whether you need only two properties like Definition and Status or several dozens of different descriptive and process related attributes, you define the layout of your data yourself.

Set up constraints to rate and highlight terms and to guarantee consistency throughout the whole repository.

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mandatory property validation


Enforce Completeness

Make a property mandatory – for instance Definition – maintainers then cannot save unless the value is filled in.

term rating rules good normal bad terms


Visually Focus

Apply rating rules based on your custom meta data: highlight preferred terms whereas visually tone down the undesired ones.

Model your Domain: Set up properties, i.e. custom fields, by specifying a name, a data type, and provide optionally a default value. Coreon supports the following data types:

  • text
  • multi-line text
  • number
  • boolean
  • date
  • picklist
  • multivalue picklist
  • multimedia asset