Knowledge meets Language

Empower Multilingual AI

Unify knowledge graphs and multilingual terminology. Craft and share your singular source of truth.

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Multilingual AI

Break down data silos. Provide refined knowledge for LLMs. Boost your AI projects.

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Terminology Management

Keep linked terminology clean and consistent for safe reuse in mission critical applications.

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Coreon SaaS

Enjoy elegant visualization and ease of curation. Share with colleagues and machines.


What is Coreon?

Coreon is the SaaS solution for implementing a Multilingual Knowledge System. Designed for subject matter experts, it provides a user-friendly, visual environment where terms and concepts are not just listed but interlinked. It gives data stewards a smart and safe way to distribute enterprise knowledge globally.

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Multilingual Knowledge System

An MKS fuses multilingual terminologies and knowledge graphs into one dynamic resource. Say goodbye to juggling separate term list, terminology databases, and taxonomies — Coreon merges them into a single repository.

This synergy of language and knowledge enables enterprises to articulate and deploy their proprietary knowledge on a global scale.


Classify, analyze, generate.


Rollout Coreon

Benefit from the ease and agility of Coreon SaaS — the Multilingual Knowledge System (MKS) that’s just a few clicks away from being customized to your requirements. Ready for immediate use, it welcomes your experts with simple login or single-sign-on, features widgets for your company, and is accessed by your applications through REST API or SPARQL. Plugins integrate Coreon into your content creation and translation tools.

Effortlessly merge and load existing terminology and taxonomies into your new MKS or let our AI taxonomize your term lists for a well-structured starting point. Your teams only need a browser and a brief introduction to dive in. For MKS consumers, an API-key along with comprehensive documentation is provided to unlock the full potential of Coreon.

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Trusted by Leaders

Coreon boosts e-commerce revenue by enabling a more intuitive search experience, allowing shoppers to discover products by concepts rather than mere keywords. Its cross-language semantic search capability is a key driver for increased sales.

Leading enterprises across the machinery, chemical, electronics, and automotive sectors rely on Coreon to elevate their global customer communications. By leveraging multilingual knowledge, these organizations gain efficiency and improve service on an global scale.

For government agencies, Coreon is the tool of choice for seamless interaction with citizens and institutions alike, fostering cross-border knowledge exchange and achieving interoperability.

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Since our foundation in 2012, Coreon has been dedicated to the development and advancement of Multilingual Knowledge Systems from our bases in Berlin and Athens. Our independence and management-owned structure empower us best to pursue our vision of unifying language and knowledge.

We live multilingual AI and innovate terminology management.

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