Use enterprise knowledge – globally across boundaries

Coreon combines taxonomies with terminology
to create and deploy Multilingual Knowledge Systems.
Coreon makes search, machine learning, and
IoT applications interoperable.

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Knowledge in Terminology

With Coreon organizations build and access taxonomies, ontologies, and vocabularies within one enterprise-scale knowledge graph.

Keep linked terminology clean and consistent for safe reuse in mission critical applications.

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Semantic Metadata

With Coreon data scientists and engineers turn textual data into structured, deeply annotated content. Unlock the knowledge in your documents.

Facilitate cross-border interoperability. Master language.

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Business Insights

With Coreon digital transformation teams extract key facts and deliver actionable intelligence.

Break down data silos. Provide context for text analytics. Boost your AI and ML projects.

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Multilingual Knowledge

Winning with LangOps

Why multilingual knowledge should lie at the heart of your language operations strategy.

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Building a Chatbot with Coreon

How can the use of ontologies lead to smarter and more advanced chatbots?

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The Journey to a Multilingual SPARQL Endpoint

Time to get technical. How did we add a SPARQL endpoint to the Coreon Multilingual Knowledge System?

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