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Multilingual Search

Coreon Search is based on ESTeam ALiSe which runs on top of Lucene / Apache Solr – the proven enterprise search engine. ALiSe boosts Apache Solr’s matching capabilities with linguistic intelligence.
Wildcard and regular expression based techniques fail in morphological variation

treat ies > treat y

or word order changes.

communication, telephonic > telephonic communication

Fuzzy matching techniques based on permuting letter triples work only well with smaller amounts of terms; in large terminology collections too many hits are retrieved.

Coreon overcomes the boundaries of string / pattern-matching based search and goes way beyond brute-force fuzzy matches.

search results german

Linguistic intelligence

Multilingual Search

search highlight activity in map.jpg abstract

Linguistic intelligence


Through compound analysers and built-in word nets you will find concepts even when the terms are missing from your resource – be surprised when searching for, say, dried flowers finds dehydrated plants.

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Text Annotation

Term Recognition

Spot terms in sentences. Instead of manually typing in a keyword to look up a presumably existing term, simply send the complete sentence as a query: Coreon Search then scans the whole sentence, compares it to your data and highlights all found terms. Apply that when working in CAT or text annotation tools to guarantee consistency of your texts.