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API: Integrate

Multilingual Knowledge in any Application

Coreon fosters, enriches, and facilitates solutions through multilingual knowledge. Now, instead of mirroring data via exports and imports, through the Coreon APIs you directly integrate Coreon repositories into your application. Multilingual semantic search, auto-classification, computer aided translation, technical authoring, or just a smart lookup widget in your intranet portal – through the API your valuable Coreon assets are available at a user‘s fingertip, always up-to-date!

A single source of truth for language and knowledge.

API Architecture abstract

The Coreon API is already in place for long time: Even Coreon’s visual web interface is 100% based on the Coreon API, servicing every minute all interactive users that access Coreon via a web browser.

Data Changes at Your Ease

Quickly adding a note, suggesting a term change, or proposing a new concept – through the API maintainers change repositories even in their working environment. User efficiency guaranteed, Coreon repositories are more accurate.

Quick Start Development

How do I? Is this a mandatory parameter? Which functions are available? – The Coreon API is fully documented. Samples and a tutorial empowers software developers with all technical information to build impressive solutions.