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  • Vienna

    12-15 SEP 2023

    9 am – 6 pm

    Language, Data & Knowledge (LDK)

    Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK) aims at bringing together researchers from across disciplines concerned with the acquisition, curation and use of language data in the context of data science and knowledge-based applications. Knowledge graphs is an active field of research concerned with the extraction, integration, maintenance and use of semantic representations of language data in combination with semantically or otherwise structured data, numerical data and multimodal data among others. Coreon is proud to sponsor the event with a reception the evening of the workshop day (Wed, 13 Sep 2023)

  • Karlsruhe

    12-13 Sep 23

    1pm – 6pm

    plusmeta Knowledge Days

    Over the course of two days, plusmeta customers and partners focus on the practical use of intelligent product information, standardized data chains and the automation of information processes. Coreon CEO Jochen Hummel is holding the keynote and kicks off the two days: “Generative AI – enabler or disruptor?”

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  • Stuttgart

    14-16 Nov 23

    9am – 6pm

    tekom / tcworld

    From Terminology und Software Documentation to User Experience and Virtual Reality Forge of knowledge, competence mediator, source of ideas and inspiration, and a great contact pool! The tcworld conference brings together participants, speakers, students and exhibitors in “technical communication” from all over the world to the largest industry meeting place: from November 14 to 16, 2023, finally in the ICS of Messe Stuttgart again! At the same time, interested participants will have the opportunity to follow parts of the conference program online.

    tekom / tcworld 2023
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  • online

    13 Dec 23

    3 pm CET

    How will genAI change the supply chain in the language industry?

    Join Coreon CEO Jochen Hummel at this ELIA-hosted webinar


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