EU Publications Office ENDORSE follow up: Merging Terminology and Knowledge

The European Data Conference on Reference Data and Semantics (“endorse”) hosts a workshop presented by Coreon: “Merging Terminology and Knowledge: the power of Eurovoc and IATE through semantic integration”.

Jochen Hummel and Michael Wetzel will outline the potential of merging a knowledge system (Eurovoc) with a terminology resource (IATE).

Eurovoc, 7000+ nodes, semantically clearly structured top-down, on the one hand and IATE, 600,000+ concepts, terminologically very rich on the other hand, are overlapping yet complementary resources. Let’s imagine these two resources woven into one seamless system.

We discuss how to merge, how it looks and works, interoperability and formats, filtering and querying.

We illustrate what its direct benefits are for both Eurovoc as well as IATE maintenance (e.g. quality control, identification of gaps as well as doublettes) and usage.

We spotlight a couple of use cases what such a resource – a linguistically rich knowledge graph – delivers as value, such as: a) text annotation: leveraging all the conceptual and terminological details from IATE and b) auto-correct machine translations produced by eTranslation using GenAI, leveraging the contextual indicators from Eurovoc to address homonymy, ambiguity.

Having shared our knowledge and experiences, we then invite participants to discuss how an MKS – Multilingual Knowledge System – enables multilingual AI and to nail down next steps for enabling development and maintenance of multilingual reference data.

Register for the event at the web site of the Publications Office of the European Union.