Localization World Dublin

Elevating Localization with LangOps

Coreon CEO Jochen Hummel is a panelist on the Friday 7th June morning session hosted by Britta Aagaard from Semantix.

LangOps repositions language services by shifting the focus from mere translation to managing multilingual data. Localizers traditionally assist enterprises in disseminating their content worldwide. In contrast, LangOps pioneers enable enterprises to engage in meaningful two-way communication with their global customers, in their native languages. LangOps adopts a comprehensive approach akin to DevOps, but for language. The panel will elaborate how LangOps goes beyond translation by using multilingual AI. It will cover LangOps technology, which leverages language assets to develop universal tools such as LLMs and multilingual knowledge systems. The discussion will focus on the implications of LangOps for corporate multilingual strategies and organizational structures.